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What this community is: A place for TS fans to discuss the characters, the episodes, and anything else relating to the show. What’s your favorite episode? Why? What kind of changes do you see in Jim and Blair over the course of the series? Is there a particular season you liked best? Least? Did you like the way the series ended? Why or why not? Whether you think of Jim and Blair in terms of slash or as deeply devoted friends, this is the place where you can air your thoughts and opinions about Jim and Blair and Simon and Naomi and spirit animals merging and why some fanon has Blair portrayed as such a wimp when he's obviously anything but a wimp on the show.

What this community is not: An announcement community. I know you’re excited about the story you just posted, or an upcoming Sentinel-related event. But announcements such as ficathons, new/updated websites, upcoming events, stories/vids/fanart, etc., belong at ts_news, not here. Announcements will be deleted without warning and repeat offenders will be banned from posting.

This is also not the place to discuss/review fic. Discussion of the show is what this community is all about, and mentioning a fic is fine in that context. But straight-up reviews are off-topic. Again, posts of that nature will be deleted without warning and repeat offenders will be banned from posting.

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