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Come One, Come All, to the TS Secret Santa (and then feel free to discuss here!)

On the chance there are fans here who are not part of another TS comm I'm posting the announcement to let you know about the latest (and one of the last) TS writing/artwork challenges. Mea culpa if it doesn't work here.
Hey all: Looking for some seasonal cheer?  The Sentinel Secret Santa is underway right now!  Every day there are new stories to read and new artwork to view.  This year, we've moved posting works from the TSSS LJ site to AO3.  Things are still a bit scattered as we maneuver our way through the new system. You can still get the announcements on LJ where the mod provides the links to each group of stories/art here:

And for those of you familiar with how AO3 works, here's the link to the 2018 TSSS subcollections:

Don't be confused by the "Mystery Works"; these are just pieces that are waiting until the appropriate day to be revealed.  There are already two Gift Exchange stories revealed, as well as the Drabble Day challenges in which works are created to a theme. Here's a prompt that has already been "revealed":
Or you can just scroll through all the works and pick whatever piques your interest:

And, if you are a writer/artist, there's still plenty of time to submit a work for the upcoming prompts and the Extravaganza. The rules for submission are at the LJ or you can ask and I'll answer!

So, please come and read or view and remember that this is one of the very few TS challenges left, so enjoy and please leave kudos or comments if you like what you see.  The authors will love you for it!

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ASR3 relocation to AO3

hi everybody,

the move to AO3 will be starting in March, and ASR3 has closed its doors to new memberships and posting new stories. the archive will remain in place until at least the end of March.

Open Doors has posted announcements regarding the changes and i'd appreciate any help in boosting the signal, especially since i'm not active on Tumblr and don't even have a Twitter feed. you'll see this post on all the TS focused LJ/DW groups i'm a member of, so if you're on any TS groups and don't see this post, by all means post a copy of it, or link to it.

here are the Open Doors links:

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A fan in need

Pretty much everyone who's been in the TS fandom for a while knows Alyjude (or Sideburns in Stargate fandom).  She not only writes prolifically as well as creating artwork, but she spearheaded the Moonridge events to raise money for the Moonridge Zoo, one of Garett Maggart's favorite charities.  Aly is a proud and private person, so not everyone may know that she's fallen on hard times.

She had to quit her job to go on full disability and lives on the edge most of the time.  She posted her current situation on her Facebook page, which I think you can read even if you don't have a FB account:

Based on a brilliant suggestion, she's created an Amazon wishlist that will point out the things she needs the most.  If you'd like to help, you can go there and see what strikes your fancy that you can afford.

If nothing appeals, but you still want to help, I can send you her PayPal privately.  Believe me, $5 can sometimes make all the difference some months.  Her FB friends in and out of fandom have helped a lot.  I know there are lots of fans out there who don't know she's on FB and might not have heard but would like to help.

I haven't cleared this with her and I hope she won't be pissed that I'm sharing so widely, but I feel that once she opened it up at FB, it would be okay.  Aly's given so much pleasure to so many around the world through the magic of fandom and her own giving spirit.  I think she deserves to get a little of that love back.  Whatever you can do to help now or in the future will be greatly appreciated.  Prayers and good wishes are always welcome!  Thank you for listening and understanding.
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Blair's earring size

Hi! I am a cosplayer and I want to cosplay Blair Sandburg, but I can't tell the size of his earrings.

I know they are Ball Closure Rings, and got another piercing in my left ear a couple of days ago for when I eventually get everything of his costume together, but I would like to get the earring size right.

Does anyone know or can tell from the attached picture? I have posted in a jewellery community on another site but no one has commented yet.

Thank you very much!

Happy Blair, screen cap from Sentinel Episode Archive
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The Panther as Jim's spirit guide

I want to pick the brains of any old fans who remember any conversations with Danny and Paul about why they chose the black panther as Jim's spirit animal.

I was aware of jaguars as being common symbols in Central and South American art but I have only lately started reading up on the mythology of panthers and I was struck by how fitting the symbolism is. (I'm thinking of doing a bit of a meta on the wolf and panther so wont go into it here.)

I was just wondering how early they came up with the panther idea? Sometimes the show seems as if they made it up as they went along.*g* So I was wondering if the panther was an early idea or an add on.

Of course, if the panther was just an add it's even more remarkable that they cast Richard Burgi ,for he is so panther like it's untrue! I doubt somehow that was on their checklist at the interview.
"Hey we need a guy who can act but who's profile looks a bit like a panther and moves with a certain feline grace."
But then you know, he just does... So that's why I'm asking.
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TS memorabilia for sale

I was recently contacted by a former TS fan who remembered my name from long ago, asking if I would advertise some TS memorabilia for her. I can't attest to her bona fides, obviously, but the tone of her communication seems friendly and genuine. Buyer beware and all that. :-)

This is from Velaike's PM to me:

I have 10 scripts (copies of scripts--not originals). These are not items that I'm going to keep and continue to copy; I'm just really hesitant to toss them out when there might be someone out there interested in them.

Titles include:

The Pilot
Three Point Shot
Sweet Science
Sentinel, Too, Pt. 1
Sentinel, Too, Pt. 2
Dead End on Blank Street
The Waiting Room
The Sentinel By Blair Sandburg

I'd like $7 a piece for them, to help cover postage, PayPal fees, etc.

If anyone is interested, they can PM me through my LJ velaike. Alternatively you can email velaike at yahoo dot com. This offer is open until the end of October 2014.
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852 Prospect update

Well, it's been three months since the 852 Prospect move and the dust has settled. One big change is that any stories left unclaimed by the authors have been "unlocked". They are now open to readers who don't have an account or are not signed into their account. You may still encounter a locked story. That is because the author has chosen not to remove the restriction. If you still need an invitation to join, you can request one at the AO3 home page and wait a few days or I still have invitations to share. Contact me at merlin [dot] 113 [at] hotmail [dot] com

While many authors have claimed their stories, there are still over three thousand stories that are unclaimed. You can tell which ones they are because the term "852_Prospect_Archivist" shows up somewhere in the byline. I continue to work on tracking these authors down. If you have any current contact info on them, please get in touch with me via email.

All in all, I'm pleased that everything went so well. We did have a very few authors who chose to totally delete their works and there are others who deleted the 852 version of their stories in favor of updated versions at their pages. So, you will find some broken links if you go through the 852 home page. But we've also had other writers add their stories to the new collection, which is exciting. We've also seen a few dramatically pseudonyms.

But above all I'm happy that the archive is safe from the ravages of old technology and that the authors have full control over their stories, once they've claimed them. The Open Door people who have been working behind the scenes and with me have been incredible: very competent and infinitely patient.

I'm hoping that our readers are getting used to the new archive and having fun tooling around. Don't forget to contact me if you have any questions or problems.


Announcement: 852 prospect is under new management

As some of you may remember from last year, the 852 Prospect archivist was looking for someone else to manage 852 and came to an agreement with Archive of Our Own (aka AO3)to do the job.  AO3 is a massive, multi-fandom archive which can be found here.

In order for the stories from 852 to not become lost in the larger archive, it was agreed to transfer the stories into a "collection", where you could find the stories in one location but they would also be part of the larger archive and could be found under the individual author's AO3 page as well.  The process started this past Thursday, and the stories have all been migrated.

What does this mean for you?  The 852 URL is still there and will still be searchable as it was before.  The difference will be that once you click on an individual story link, you will be re-directed to the story at AO3 where it is now housed.  For those of us who have struggled to find a story at AO3 this is good news; we still have our familiar search engine.  There are a few caveats, however.

Once the stories were migrated to AO3, all authors were sent welcome letters announcing that their fic was available for claiming; that is they affirmed that they are the authors and they then can do anything they want with them.  They could edit them (something not really possible at 852), leave them as is, or they can delete them.  If they do that, you will get a "couldn't find the story" message if you try to get to them through the old 852 URL.  Fortunately, we haven't had that many stories removed by authors yet.

On the flip side, the 852 Collection will now accept new stories.  The old archive closed for new submissions about a year ago, so this is good news that we'll have more stories about the boys to read.  We have had some new stories added already.  The one problem will be that those stories will not show up if you use the old 852 search engine because they were not part of the original archive.

Another temporary situation is that all the migrated stories start off being "locked"; that is, you can only read them if you are a member of AO3.  Why? Because the old 852 archive was shielded from being searched via Google or other search engines, while AO3 is not.  Many authors who write slash, even though they may write under pseuds, might not be comfortable in having their work accessed in such a public way.  So, during these three months, they will have time to claim their stories and decide whether to keep them on the site and whether to keep them locked or open them up to general readership.  After three months, any unclaimed stories in the collection will be unlocked.

So how do you read "locked" stories?  By becoming a member of AO3.  Besides being able to read these stories, being a member has some other nice advantages.  You are able to comment using your name/pseud (although you can comment anonymously) and the system keeps track of your reading history (in case you forget a story and want to find it again) and you can bookmark stories for later reading or re-reading.  Every 852 author will automatically receive an invitation to join if they haven't already.  If you are strictly a reader (as I am), you can apply to join here:

The reason for the restriction is simply server capacity.  They want to control the influx of users to make sure nothing crashes, since AO3 is still in beta testing.  You can also request that they tell you how long it will be until you get the invite.  If you have any questions or problems with this, please contact me off list and I'll do my best to help you.

With the changing of the guard, someone else had to be the archivist for the new collection, and I volunteered to do it.  I'm very excited to be part of keeping this important chunk of our fandom alive and evergreen.  I'm working on becoming a subject matter expert, so bear with me.  Feel free to post any questions here or privately to me.


merlin aka Magician at AO3 and 852 Prospect Archivist at AO3

Killers, and the problematic portrayal of the Juno twins

Last night we were talking about the episode ‘Killers’ in the online chat (there was also some talk about this in the previous post in this community), where I tried to articulate my issues with the problematic depictions of Northern Ireland in the episode. I've decided to write more fully about this here, as I've since had time to crystallise my thoughts a bit.

The reason this episode bothers me so much is no doubt due to my own background and experiences. I was born (and now live) in England, but I come from an Irish family, and lived in County Louth in the Republic of Ireland myself for many years, right alongside the border with Northern Ireland. My children, in fact, were both born just over the border in Northern Ireland, in Newry, Co. Down, as this was the nearest hospital maternity unit to where I lived.

It’s pretty much to be expected that filmmakers fail to do research in any kind of thorough way, and instead fall back on preconceived notions and stereotypes, because when all is said and done, their aim is simply to make an entertaining product for the masses without worrying too much about the detail. Fanfiction writers – including myself *g* - are often guilty of doing the same thing! I’m not sitting here madly seething about Killers, therefore, honest guv :-). Instead I am mainly writing this meta in the spirit of rolling my eyes a bit, as there is very much a tendency to portray Ireland and the Irish in stereotypical, inaccurate ways in film and TV. Killers is definitely no exception.

So, here we go. This is what I see as being problematic about this episode from an Irish perspective.

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