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Caro Dee

RPS in The Sentinel Fandom?

I was reading a metafandom post on fans who try to discuss RPS and slashy manips with the actual musicians it's about when I ran across a comment about RPS in The Sentinel. *screeching halt* Wait! What?

I've only been in TS fandom since 2003 and, from various comments and the fact I've never stumbled across it, I assumed the statement that RPS never existed in The Sentinel was true. Now it appears that it did exist but was underground. I think that's a bit of TS fannish history that shouldn't be lost.

ETA: Edited above to remove 'forced to go' underground since I don't actually know what the reason might be.

RPF/RPS makes me uncomfortable but I have to acknowledge that it's a form of fanfic fandom that's huge and here to stay. There's always going to be some kinds of fan fiction written that the majority disapproves strongly of but actively making it go away (rather than a strong disinterest, which is what I think (please correct me if I'm wrong) happened with het in TS) doesn't seem right to me either. If TS RPS did continue on the QT, I find that very interesting and even comforting as an example that fan fiction cannot be stopped. Even if the Internet became unfriendly, fans will always find a way to share their stories. *makes fist of fannish solidarity*

So I guess I'm asking if anyone in TS fandom has personal knowledge which confirms this? I'm not interested in links (if those even exist) to RPS fics nor in debating the morality of RPS (although I expect that'll happen anyway. Wank is eternal.). What I am interested in is simply rescuing a bit of TS fannish history. Did this happen? How did people organize this? Was it a closed circle of friends or was there a known way to get added? Any links to group discussions in the larger fannish community? I find it interesting that it wasn't private email but actual snail mail. Does anybody know why? If you're still in TS fandom, feel free to answer anonymously. Or email me privately at carodee99 AT hotmail DOT com. I promise to keep your name confidential. I might like to add something to the fannish wiki so let me know what I can use.

ETA: I have to leave the house for a couple of hours so will not be able to respond to more comments until later.

ETA2: I'm just going to remind people that reviews/discussion of individual fics are not welcome in this comm. The mod could end up deleting this post if you do bring up specifics. Also, I'm not going to respond to posts about whether RPS should exist in a legal/moral sense because, whatever my opinion, Elvis has left the building. It exists. Apparently, even in TS fandom. I'm just interested in recovering a bit of history.

ETA3: It looks like this will be in the next edition of metafandom so if someone you don't recognize responds to one of your comments, that'll be why. Hopefully, somebody who was actually involved will see it and be interested in telling us what their RPS experience was like back then. Because clearly none of us newbies know anything about it. *g*
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